Brandy Gillmore

Brandy Gillmore is most well-known for her discoveries in using the power of the mind to provide tangible healing results. She has been able to demonstrate immediate results in front of live audiences as well as under thermal medical equipment, where you can visually see healing results within minutes. The discoveries Brandy made were a result of her own devastating injury that left her disabled and in extreme pain. After one doctor after another told her there was nothing they could do for her, Brandy began the journey of self-healing.

After more than 6 years of research, Brandy was able to make a breakthrough discovery that not only led to a full recovery, but also transformed her life. Since her recovery, Brandy has been helping others to achieve mind-blowing results. She has been featured on stages across the U.S. and in Canada including a TEDx talk. Today Brandy coaches top celebrities, entrepreneurs, Olympic Athletes, CEO’s and groups worldwide in using their minds to transform their health and their life.

She has been featured on Fox Stations and Business Journals across the globe and is being featured in a new up-coming documentary. In addition to her incredible work, Brandy has a genuine heart and sincere desire to help others.

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