Luminara Serdar

Luminara Serdar, BS, MBA, CPN, NMT is a nutritionist, holistic healer and autism recovery summit host, who helps recover kids from autism using many strategies, including NeuroModulation Technique. She spent nearly 20 years in the biotech industry as a molecular biologist, product manager and consultant, and was involved with the human genome sequencing project.

Her allergies were eliminated in two sessions using NeuroModulation Technique. She was so impressed that she learned the technique and now uses it, along with nutrition, detoxification and her intimate knowledge of body biochemistry, to help heal children on the autism spectrum. She works with people one on one, in groups and has several group programs to help parents help their kids.

She works with clients throughout the world helping kids restore their inner world so they can more effectively interact with their outer world.

Thank you for participating in the Detox Global Summit! From Luminara Serdar and Autism Transformed, please enjoy this Lymph Drainage Massage video and notice the changes drainage creates! [Hint: look for improvements in brain fog, memory and cognitive function.

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